This pic is Me, my little chi 'Diego' (the badass pooch) and 'Hell Bound' the 1940 Hotrod Pickup truck my dad and I built.

And The Counts Kustoms crew featured the Hotrod below ahhhhcool!!!

Hi there, welcome to the Black Widow Tattoo and Kustom website.


​I’m Erika some people know me as 'Flossy' typically in New Zealand. I’m the dreamer, curator, and passionate artist of Black Widow Tattoo and Kustom.​​

My world revolves around the thump of a V8 engine and beat of a heavy metal kick drum. Buzzing of a tattoo machine and the snore of my stinky little Chihuahua…

My road has not been mapped out for the faint hearted and so far I've managed to complete two apprenticeships, both of which are in very male-dominated industries of Automotive Refinishing and Tattoo Art. I have been Painting cars for over 20 years, Tattooing for 17 and a journey it certainly has been.

I always thought to myself when I was undergoing my apprenticeships that as soon as I was good enough, I’d be accepted by my industry peers and back then they were all men.

I don’t understand the gender diversity and not sure I ever will? However it is prevalent today in 2020 and in my life time I’d like to be a positive influence in change around that.

You see, I do not know what is so bad about women or females being good at a craft, loving what they do and being a formidable financial part of their livelihood, be it with a partner or standalone…

I would consider that a more solid support network in any given area of life can only make main the objective or end game easier to achieve?  

My experience in the auto industry in NZ and Australia especially is that you are only kept around if you are of value; so as a woman you are either 1. ‘Super-cute and tappable’ or ‘very, very, very good’ at what you do.

So as a passionate, car loving lady with customising in my genes and hot-rod blood coursing through my veins…

I'm well versed in my field and will continue to be!

Coming from nothing and nowhere, I had the ability to work hard and being far, beyond driven as an individual is why I have the portfolio I have, here to show you, today.

I have been "crushed like a bug" more than anyone would know and faced hardships that I have no Idea, about how I have survived. Industry ‘greats’ I have admired and worshiped have failed me. The industry that I love has more corruption and the beauty of  artists and out-casts collaborating and accepting like-minded individuals has been tainted by egos and money. As a women in automotive I've been set up to fail, deflected blame upon  and witnessed jealousy of magnanimous measures –  But, that is the world of today, right?

Wrong! and it doesn't have to be.

Hot-rodding is the love of the machine!

Where Passionate  and Artistic Individuals push boundaries in automotive aesthetics, performance, power, design, presentation and vehicle manoeuvrability; whether they are a man or women, gender doesn’t matter.

Motivatingly, Working together and Networking to achieve the common goal...

A Hot-rod is a machine dressed up in a myriad of Artistry.

If you love the sport, then be a part of it!

Find the support networks, and get amongst it all.

Genuine people are out there and will include you!

I want to thank the incredibly brave men who stand behind me in my venture, the supportive women who have have  always had 'my six'...  


I hope I make you all proud but most of all, I hope I inspire others to be brave. Choose your own endeavours in life, because...

IT IS YOUR Life and your ROAD! 

Welcome to my mine x

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New Zealand.  Australia.  USA

Black Widow Tattoo Singleton Pty Ltd.    ' Black Widow Tattoo and Kustom'

ABN: 50606209223   NSW Tattoo Parlour Operator License #010627