This pic is Me, my little chi 'Diego' (the badass pooch) and 'Hell Bound' the 1940 Hotrod Pickup truck my dad and I built.

of which... The Counts Kustoms crew featured! see below wuhoo!!!

Hi there, welcome to the Black Widow Tattoo and Kustom website.


​I’m Erika some people know me as 'Flossy' typically in New Zealand. I’m the dreamer, curator, and passionate artist of Black Widow Tattoo and Kustom.​​

My world revolves around:  The thump of a V8 engine and the Hot-rod custom truck  'Hell Bound'.  

The beat of a heavy metal kick drum as I am an avid  'metal' music lover and the Buzzing of a tattoo machine which is my daily grind. The solvent abusing Kustom paint craziness which feeds my soul

and the snore of my stinky little Chihuahua… \m/

My road has not been mapped out for the faint hearted and so far I've managed to complete two apprenticeships, worked in various countries, have an extensive client network of which I am humbly grateful for. I have also written a novel and completed a screenplay whilst battling the Archaic Tattoo Industry mechanisms in place that tries to disable 'legitimate' Modern Tattoo Business Operators.

Both career paths I chose are within very male-dominated industries. Automotive Refinishing and Tattoo Art.

I have been automotive painting for over 25 years and Tattooing for 20. 

A journey it certainly has been...

I always thought to myself when I was undergoing my apprenticeships that as soon as I was good enough, I’d be accepted by my industry peers as one of the team and back then they were all men...

I was wrong.

The better my skills became the worse certain industry peers became. I personally don’t understand the gender diversity and not sure I ever will? It is still very much alive today in 2020 and in my life time I’d like to be a positive, influential  individual promoting awareness and change.   (Actual change, not just a poster girl on the cover of an Auto-paint magazine holding a spray gun portraying 'all is good with women in trades' when the stats and experiences are vastly opposing).

You see, I do not comprehend what is so bad about women or females being good at a craft and loving what they do? 

I would consider that a more solid support network in any given area of life can only make main the objective or end game easier to achieve no matter the gender?  

So as a passionate, Car and Tattoo loving lady with customising in my genes and hot-rod blood coursing through my veins…

That is what I've a set out to do!

Coming from nothing and nowhere all I ever had was the ability to work hard. Being stubborn, having a dream of what I hope to accomplish & being  'far beyond driven' as an individual is why I have the portfolio here to show you, today.

I have been "crushed like a bug" more than anyone would know. I've faced unnecessary hardships, inequality, ostracism  and do not have any Idea how I have survived it. Let alone continue to be "Gloved up and still in the ring"!

I tell myself my purpose is to go through it all. Continue and share my story with others, hoping to encourage a better way... To be honest  this is the only way I can digest my devastating life experiences.  Communicating about them and exploring better more progressive avenues.

As a women in automotive and tattooing  here 'down under': 

Rather than witnessing jealousy of magnanimous measures and derailment agendas more so than anything else.

I should have received: Acceptance, Industry Support and Encouragement!!! 

Tattooing / Customising / Hot-rodding - above all - is the love of Art!

It is where Passionate and Artistic Individuals dare to push creative boundaries. 

Courageously, Motivatingly, Collaborating and Networking to achieve 'EPIC' goals Together...

My advice is: If you love something so passionately then you owe it to yourself to stick with it, NO matter what and remember, most opinions given are self-servant, therefore be choosy about whom you seek encouragement from and:

Choose your own endeavours in life. 

Because ultimately...


Welcome to my mine x


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