Hi there, welcome to the Black Widow Tattoo page.

My name is Erika Armstrong some people know me as 'Flossy' typically in New Zealand. I’m the dreamer, curator, and artist of Black Widow Tattoo and Kustom.

We are very community spirited here at Black Widow Tattoo and try and get behind as much charity support as possible. Helping people who have fallen through the gaps and denied 'gov't support'. We can do this buy raffling and supporting small events giving away custom paint and projects from our team. Raising urgent money and paying it forward in the universe. Times are tough and I have personally been in a situation without help, situations can be dire and inhumane so, if we can help we will x

I am also involved with local radio, triple h 100.1 FM's 'Show Us Your Motor' feature, where we bring you all things motoring on Saturday mornings at 10 am. My segment is Girls Torque, where I chat with motorsport and industry ladies (of all ages) with an inspiring interview shining a light on their presence in the automotive arena. www.showusyourmotor.org

As a #Tattoo Artist, #Custom Painter, #Airbrush Artist and now #Author with my E-book series 'Sinister Urge' www.sinisterurge.com.au

​My road has not been mapped out for the faint hearted and so far I've managed to complete two apprenticeships, both of which are in very male-dominated industries of Automotive Refinishing and Tattoo Art. I have been Painting cars for over 25 years and Tattooing for 17.

​At the age of twelve, I knew I was destined to be an Airbrush / Kustom Painter and Tattoo Artist. I was inspired by customized vehicles with fantasy art murals on them. Brightly colored paint schemes and the sparkly effects of flakes and candy paint had me mesmerized. That and my father’s avid passion for customized and hot-rodded cars, my future seemed to be fated. I’m a very lucky lady as all ‘three’ (Tattoo art, Custom Paint and Airbrush art) are the main ingredients of my life today.

​I created NSW, Australia’s - 'Black Widow Tattoo & Kustom' based on my shop 'Kustom' back home in Auckland, New Zealand. I closed my tattoo and custom paint shop after 7 years of business, the sole reason is that NSW Australia was bringing in licensing for the tattoo industry which would break the tattoo industry away from the 'gang and biker underworld's neck noose'. So I welcomed the regulation system and on October 1st, 2013. I started my new life here in Sydney Australia with the Iconic Bondi Ink as a NSW licensed Tattoo Artists! #wuhoo


I've always loved having my own shop - 'my baby'. Having control over more integral areas, one of which is aspiring to give customers the opportunity of acquiring a ‘professional service’ with the present day customer service attributes in my artistic arenas of (Tattoo art, Custom Paint and Airbrush art).

I am a big believer in transparency. Be it a fundraiser, a business providing tattoos or service of custom building hot-rods and Kustom paint. I always place myself in the customer’s shoes and try to consider what’s wanted. I want to know where my money is going and I want to be included in my service especially when it involves a comprehensive build or paint with high dollar figures. I break it down providing 100% transparency, with me and my team you know where every $5.00 of your money goes. We include the customer and deliver the goods.

Kustom cars and Artwork professionals will take the time to educate you to the many factors that are involved in all genres: Custom painting, Custom building projects or comprehensive and elaborate Tattoo pieces. Be Male or female, requiring Tattoo artwork, Kustom paint or customization of your vehicle. I personally would want the basic service attributes and a right to expect them. And that is what my business services are designed around.


Feel free to follow the Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook,  as I’ve always got a 'cool' project or event on the go…

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Black Widow Tattoo Singleton Pty Ltd.    ' Black Widow Tattoo and Kustom' ABN: 50606209223