Erika Flossy Armstrong and Diego

This pic is Me, my little chi 'Diego' (the badass pooch) and 'Hell Bound' the 1940 Hotrod Pickup truck my dad and I built.

of which... The Counts Kustoms crew featured! see below wuhoo!!!

Hey hey!, Welcome!


Hello. ​I’m Erika some people know me as 'Flossy' typically in New Zealand.

I’m the dreamer, curator, and passionate artist of Black Widow Tattoo and Kustom.​​

My world revolves around:  The thump of a V8 engine and the Hot-rod custom truck  'Hell Bound'.  

The beat of a heavy metal kick drum as I am an avid  'metal' music lover and the Buzzing of a tattoo machine which is my daily grind. The solvent abusing Kustom paint craziness which feeds my soul

and the snore of my stinky little Chihuahua… \m/

My road has not been mapped out for the faint hearted and so far I've managed to complete two apprenticeships, worked in various countries, have an extensive client network of which I am humbly grateful for. 

Both career paths I chose are within very male-dominated industries. Automotive Refinishing and Tattoo Art.

I have been automotive painting for over 25 years and Tattooing for 20. 

and a journey it certainly has been...

I always thought to myself when I was undergoing my apprenticeships that as soon as I was good enough, I’d be accepted by my industry peers as one of the team and back then they were all men...

I was wrong!

The better my skills became the worse certain industry peers were. Just zero acceptance in the trade which was very hard for me as I personally don’t understand the gender diversity and not sure I ever will?

You see, I do not comprehend what is so bad about women or females being good at a craft and loving what they do? 

I would consider a more solid support network in any given area of life could only make main the objective or end game easier to achieve no matter the gender, yes?  

So as a passionate, Car and Tattoo loving lady with customizing in my genes and hot-rod blood coursing through my veins…

That is what I've a set out to do!

Coming from nothing and nowhere all I ever had was the ability to work hard. Being stubborn, having a dream of what I hope to accomplish and being  'far beyond driven' as an individual is why I have the portfolio here to show you, today aaaand I am Nowhere near finished yet!

As a women in automotive and tattooing  here 'down under': 

Rather than receiving Acceptance, Industry Support and Encouragement!!! I found jealousy of magnanimous measures, segregation and derailment agendas, more so than anything positive. - This needs to change and I hope in my life time I have been a positive influence toward this.


Tattooing / Customizing / Hot-rodding - above all - is the love of Art!

It is where Passionate and Artistic Individuals dare to push creative boundaries. 

Courageously, Motivating, Collaborating and Networking together to achieve 'EPIC' goals.

If you love something so passionately then you owe it to yourself to stick with it, NO matter what and remember, most opinions given are self-servant, therefore be choosy about whom you seek encouragement from.

Choose your own endeavours in life. 

Because ...


Welcome to my mine x