Feminine Leg Tattoo by Erika

Booking in - I am here to help!

To make a tattoo appointment in Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand use :

Online messenger on the Facebook page,

the email: Blackwidowtattoo@outlook.com

Instagram messaging @Blackwidowtattoomistress


sms 0278008322


COVID 19 Changes:

Going forward working with Covid19, there is vastly different protocol and I appreciate some customers may find this awkward.

I ask that you be compassionate and understand that I am accountable to the country and state tattoo operational protocol.


These may differ when compared to other tattoo shops the regulations currently in place are not uniform nationwide or worldwide.



Booking Deposit: $100 is required three weeks prior to your booking date.​

Your booking date will not be held with out a paid deposit.

Online - Bank transfer to:


Swift Code for International Transfers -          WPACNZ2W

**Use your Name as a reference.

Please note scammers trying to money launder will have the amount deposited onto my account handed over to the authorities.



Design Reference: Please, Send through any images pertaining to your tattoo piece and give me a brief of what you are considering. I will be In Touch to go over your tattoo design.

*Eftpos is available 

Numbing cream should be arranged prior to your tattoo session the links are below.

https://www.tattoonumbingcream.com/ This must be applied 90 mins prior to your tattoo!

Studio Policy:

  1. All Tattoo art is now performed in professional, private studios by me.

  2. No Gangs or associations.

  3. Bookings only. No walk-in tattoos.

  4. No Face or feet Tattoos.

  5. Individuals being tattooed only with one friend accompanied. 

  6. No Children.

  7. No Under 18

  8. There is an additional waiver recording all the documentation of the tattoo process required by legislation.

  9. I run a single use disposable licensed tattoo operation.

  10. Both private studios have adequate ventilation and fresh air.

  11. No drinking alcohol prior to your tattoo.

  12. Make sure you have eaten, prior. Bring snacks to boost your sugar levels, but not (takeaway or prep meals) No Food is allowed in my tattoo studios.

  13. Wear appropriate clothing.

  14. Take care of your own personal hygiene prior.

  15. Be punctual, not vastly early, or late.

  16. Phone calls etc. are taken in your time and cannot fall over into my time which may compromise my next customer.

  17. Video surveillance cameras are operational, and footage will be handed over to Police authorities if requested.

  18. Deposits are not refundable. No shows, No future booking.

I will endeavor to try and make the new process as comfortable for you as possible.

I  also recommended Tattoo numbing cream for those with sensitive areas. I use this product myself!

Thank you and Talk soon x

Tattoo numbing cream company