To schedule a tattoo appointment please complete the  Schedule & Risk assessment form. I will then be in touch within  6 - 10 days.


COVID 19 Changes:

I will no longer take walk-in work and will be operational from a private studio in countries New Zealand, Australia and the United States on a booking basis only.

Each country and state have different Tattoo Industry regulations therefore some new protective measures will be introduced.


I ask you to please be considerate when comparing shops as we all have very different Business Sanitising  Models pertaining to our operation and area guidelines.

I support the 'World' Tattoo Industry Standards and respectfully promote the most formidable way forward for  professional tattoo operations.


The measures currently in place for my studios are:

  1. All Tattoo art is now performed in professional, private studios.

  2. A screening ‘risk assessment’ form prior to booking is required for each customer.

  3. Bookings only. No walk in tattoos.

  4. No Face or feet Tattoos.

  5. No Small under $200 Tattoos.

  6. Deposits are required which are $200, $85.00 will cover your design fee and the remainder will be taken off of your total tattoo cost. Deposits are rolled over for continued bookings.

  7. Individuals being tattooed only. No friends or family accompanied.

  8. Limited to two tattoo individuals per day with a complete room sanitisation breakdown and cleaning using Viraclean.

  9. Limited  days: (applies to both Australia and New Zealand) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am – 7pm available

  10. I wear clothing protection - an apron, which is changed per individual client.

  11. Face masks for myself and my client are available as are gloves.

  12. Single Sanitary bags for bathroom usage are available.

  13. I give away a small bottle of hand sanitiser, after care and client advice forms for each tattoo client.

  14. There is also an additional waiver recording all the documentation of the tattoo process.

  15. I run a single use disposable licensed tattoo operation.

  16. Recoreded, Temperature checks may also be a requirement of the state.

  17. Both private studios have adequate ventilation and fresh air.

I will endevour to try and make the new process as confortable for you as possible.

I do accept Inkpay the link is below and also reccomend Tattoo numbing cream for those with senitive areas. I used this product also!

Thankyou and Talk soon x

Tattoo Appointment

To get booked in, please take the time to fill out this schedule and risk assement form. This is now a requirement for all bookings. 

Please Tick the relevant box for your Country. I am due to resume work in NSW Australia on July the 18th, approximately; pending NSW trans-Tasman travel quarantine restrictions... Deposits are due two weeks prior to booking as is Inkpay's confirmation. No deposit. No booking. There are limited bookings in Australia.
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