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The Sinister Urge E-book or hardback book Series Kicks off with 'Tattoo Lane Blacktop'. 

A no holds barred - tell-all series!

Sinister Urge

Tattoo Lane Black Top

Erika B Armstrong

Genre: True Crime / Thriller / Drama 18+



Sinister Urge’s – Tattoo Lane Black Top



My E-Book Series is currently being released through Amazon you can access a Kindle E-book version but also a Hard copy if you wish.


It’s a no holds barred memoir of the twists and turns I have faced coming up in the industries that I have chosen.


We take a direct look at why 'the better your skillsets become the more disliked you are - the tall poppy in the room and why strong women are still ostracised... Don't dismay it’s not a "bra-burning feminist" story. As someone so positively referred.

The book has Guns, Actual hit's on shops, setups, drug dealers, custom cars, motorcycles, events, burnouts, and all the torrid good stuff that makes a good, solid read! – With interactive links, references. quotes and photos…

It’s also educational and has a political angle - positively bridging the gap.



A skilled tattoo artist and custom automotive painter, 'Nikola (Nyx)' is passionate about her work. Two apprenticeships completed and a solid career road ahead. In this emotional story, she explores her development and growth as an artist, her passion for cars and the hot-rodding car scene.


However, she also reveals the dark and dangerous side of the tattoo industry and the inevitable tangle with MC’s. Having continuously faced violence and threats throughout her working life, gender dominance, and bullying. Nyx openly recounts her experiences. From persistent intimidation from local biker gangs to questionable regulation authorities.  Nyx has dealt with a multitude of challenges over the years.

However, Nyx’s indomitable spirit is apparent, and her words are ultimately uplifting.


By bravely writing this book Sinister Urge, ‘Tattoo Lane Black Top' she is - piercing the surface of an industry that is full of secrets…


Sinister Urge: Tattoo Lane Black Top, E-book series is a thought-provoking memoir that does not shy away from the truth. It reveals a troubling side of an industry that is rarely written about. The industries tidal changes her career faces and its millennium progression.  


Netflix’s Sons of Anarchy, House of cards and Bad girls all thrown in together and mixed up, move over Australia’s true crime thriller – Underbelly. Sinister Urge is on its way.


 www.sinisterurge.com.au  #be the change you wish to see in the world.

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