Custom Wall Art & Gallery Pieces

Custom Wall Art & Gallery Pieces

SKU: EA008

Gallery Pieces will be available for purchase and added soon.


You can add your own kustom design attributes and themes with my Custom wall art!!  


Materials used are custom wood, enamel, and custom effect paints with a high gloss or matt urethane finishing.


1200mm x 900mm


Authentication certificates, Assembly, Care and Cleaning instructions are included.


    If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your purchase, please look over the following conditions and contact us at:

    Change of Heart

    As all products sold by The Black Widow Kustom Furniture Company are made to order, unfortunately we do not offer refunds or exchange due to a change of heart.

    All artwork is expressionist work with attributes requested by the customer upon ordering. Specified imaging is not offered.

    No returns or exchanges will be offered for ‘specialty’ made to order products where artwork has been made to order according to your choice and size.


    Faulty or Damaged Goods

    Where an item is found to be faulty within the first 24 hours after delivery or is already damaged on delivery, and the customer notifies The Black Widow Kustom Furniture Company of that fault within the first 24 hours after delivery, then The Black Widow Kustom Furniture Company Will Repair the faulty Good at our discretion.

    If your item arrives with clear and noticeable damage to its packaging, please take photographic evidence and bring to attention of delivery driver/provider. Where Goods are already damaged on delivery, The Black Widow Kustom Furniture Company requires photographic evidence of the damage to be e-mailed to before authorising return of the Goods. Where Goods are already damaged on delivery, the customer should indicate this to the delivery driver when signing the proof of delivery and ensure it is noted on the proof of delivery.


    The Black Widow Kustom Furniture Company reserves sole discretion to determine whether the Goods are faulty or damaged in accordance with this policy.

    The Black Widow Kustom Furniture Company may seek reimbursement of any costs incurred by us if the Product is found to be in good working order.


    Each Kustom Furniture piece is packed in its own soft care bag along with protection packaging. Due to the Covid -19 world-wide impacts we are only shipping within Australia as overseas shipping costs and timeframes are uncertain.


    I am happy to arrange a longer term shipping arrangement where there is leniency around the delivery time expectation and cost can be verified. Please contact us directly for overseas shipping orders via email:

    All shipped items required a signature upon acceptance.

    *Shipping is free within Australia.


    All of my artwork is an artistic expression which is the conscious use of the imagination in the production of artwork intended to be contemplated or appreciated as beautiful.

    I can used inspired popular themes and create ‘Kustom’ tailored art pieces inspired by the themes, genres, and popular interests.

    Please specify if the art piece is for a child or adult.


    Due to copyright, a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive rights to make copies of a creative work. In respect for those artists and their work, I cannot recreate or duplicate artwork onto any substrate, directly, using logos etc. Without permissions.


    If you have a favourite artist (mine is, fantasy artist - Luis Royo), I am happy to touch base with them and seek permissions. Our costs of production do not include any permission costs.