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Remove the Risk

Who would be interested in, a nationally accredited tattoo qualification, with a formal training / apprenticeship opportunities for a position within the tattoo industry?

We all have an experience to speak of in the Tattoo industry and I am sincerely hoping most of them are positive.

I absolutely adore my trade as a tattoo artist. I was taught the integrity of passing on the trade skillsets, hoping to honor my own teachers, Rob and Noel.

Learning the trade of tattooing did not come easily for me, there is no set format. My way to overcome some of the industry atrocities I've encountered is to try and influence a better way for artists. This is tough as the industry has archaic and unfair mechanisms and egos who maybe a little afraid of change. I’d like to make it clear, there isn’t any cause for concern. My intended Gov’t submissions will only be beneficial to the industry, that I love. 

Time and progression have been wonderful for the industry of tattooing and many true artists have been born as the artistic ability today is limitless. This paired with trade expansions, such as Ink pay, finance for your tattoo, Ink and pigment governance removing any toxicity risk, and state dividing regulations. It is only fair that the industry diversifies and offers the opportunity for a nationally recognized Tattoo accreditation and proof of competency, removing the risk within the Tattoo industry. And placing it firmly within the retail act which would intern see basic business benefits open to the trades which are currently not available due to the 'High Risk' nature. 


Please share with me your consideration if you have the time and wouldn’t mind?

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Thank you very much for taking the time to participate.

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