Tattoo Artist  - Wanted

I would like an artist to join my 'Black Widow' Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast studio. Position is available from March 2022.

By now I hope you have gone through my website and have a good Idea about the services my business provides. There is room for an artist who would rather not open their own studio and wants to work autonomously, with the security of work supplied from the business. An artist who wants the opportunity and security to push themselves, upskill, network, attend events and build a niche within their skillsets.


For the right person, I want to help you.

I am not looking for a “cash cow” to be shoved in a corner and fed when there is work.

Nope, I am looking for an artistic ally to support my integral tattoo business.


The words I am speaking maybe foreign as the current industries structure doesn’t support basic business ethics.  You maybe think that this is another “well worded advert’’ to entice a good artist like yourself? (And from my similar, experience after applying for a professional tattoo position, in a studio “ran like hair salon”.

I was met with terms that are insulting.

A percentage rate that doesn’t reflect what I bring to the table as a professional artist with a client base, within my industry.

Negotiated ink products that have been sat on the shelf festering for years and should be unacceptable to use on clients or materials and equipment that is the cheapest and substandard to the caliber of artworks I intend to offer) …


So, as you, see.

We will be negotiating a remuneration package reflective of your skill set as an artist. Incentives to support where you are heading with your Tattoo career. Non-risky remuneration payments, that match any standard business of this day and age. And up-to-date financial logistics, so you’re accounting, and tax obligations are not a headache or dishonest.

I will be investing in you and meet you with the professionalism and respect as a fellow tattoo artist.


I aim to offer what should have been present when I was a contracting tattoo artist.

The Position includes:

·         A remuneration package reflective of the tattoo artwork caliber.

·         A payable format modernized to meet today's ‘contracting artist’ needs. With an invoicing system that is conductive to a professional ‘Contractor’ Operation.

Considerations for employment may be open for exploration in the future.

·         A Contract artist package also includes


Free days, in the shop that is utilized for ‘project tattoo pieces’ intended on encouraging Tattoo event participation and competition entry. Up-skilling and furthering your own niche.

This can also be used for acquiring tattoos between artists or inviting artists – NO fees or reward is to be exchanged.

*The key driver behind this free day, is so to ensure the new team member always can push themselves further with their own tattoo artistic skillsets.

·         Your own business cards, identity, and promotion under my brand will be presented that includes your own branding logo. This will also be applied to all my media, so you can be found, and service offered as an equally tiered tattoo artist.

To the reputable artist considering the offered position:


I know it’s a tall order, but I would like resume. I can go on your socials and see your work, but I would like to know you better.


In your resume please include:

  • Over 3 x years of tattoo industry work experience.

I’d like to know where you have worked.


  • Your goal plan for the next 3 x years in Tattooing.

Where you want to go, what you hope to achieve and your intentions. Simply because, I would like to help you achieve them.


  • Your preferred categories and Tattoo genres or theme strengths.


  • What your interests are and basic information about yourself. (Standard resume content)


  • Social media Links

  • References

  • Tattoo Artist License or other.

  • HLTIN005 Infection Control Cert or other.

My business functions using standard business operating procedures that are in line with the rest of the word's. I do not support the current way tattoo business is conducted with cash payment, varied sets of books, flippant work availability and contractors that are paid in cash on a daily basis…

The people who lose out from these archaic mechanisms are the artists who consistently work hard for their living.


If a 'work resume' cannot be supplied, do not bother applying. Respect goes both way and starts, here.




If you are seeking an apprenticeship:

I will not be offering any apprenticeships until there is an accountable accreditation system in place for the tattoo industry.

One that will help me ensure that the individual I am obligated to, is receiving what they need for effective tattoo execution including all the risks, governance and health and safety attributes that are included in the tattoo trade.

A system that will hold me accountable for my part and one that will hold the apprentice responsible for their obligations.


A formal apprenticeship that once completed; I have professionally contributed to produce a reputable artist that can go forth with their own career path in accordance with the accreditation system of the Tattoo Industry.


Apprentices need not apply currently as there is nothing in place for accreditation, in Australia or New Zealand!

Address resume's to:

Erika Armstrong

Black Widow Tattoo Gold Coast