Tattoo Artists  - Wanted

Erika has an opportunity for qualified tattoo artists to join the team.

She passionately wants to give ‘good’ artists the opportunity, professionalism and support that was absent in her up and coming tattooing career.

This includes a remuneration package reflective of the tattoo artwork calibre.

A payable format, modernised to meet today's ‘contracting artist’ needs. With an invoicing system that is conductive to a professional ‘Contractor’ Operation.

Considerations for employment may be open for exploration in the future.

The Contract artist package also includes a FREE DAY, in the shop that is utilised for ‘project tattoo pieces’ intended on encouraging Tattoo event participation and competition entry. This can also be used for acquiring tattoos between artists or inviting artists – NO fees or reward is to be exchanged


*The key driver behind this free day, is so to ensure our team always has the opportunity to push themselves and further their own tattoo artistic skillsets.

Your own business cards, identity, and promotion under our Shop brand will be preseted.

Work is shared equally, and support is provided.

Tattoo event participation is asked.

The Black Widow Crew, Policy is tailored for a supportive and caring working environment; for both Artists, Staff and Customers.

For anyone interested in a fresh start with us please email your RESUME to Blackwidowtattoo@outlookcom


Resume must include:

3 – 4 years of work in the industry - NO apprentices.

Your own goal plan for the next 3 years in Tattooing.

Social media and Tattoo work portfolio’s.

Queensland Tattoo artist License or other.